2012 Joint Spring Conference in Kentucky...

Apr 27, 2012 by

I’ve just returned from the 2012 Annual Joint Spring Conference of the Kentucky Library Association Academic Library Section, Kentucky Library Association Special Library Section and Special Libraries Association Kentucky Chapter in Jamestown, KY. I had not attended this particular state conference since 2005. It was very nice to talk to past colleagues I had not seen in years. Always taking place in a state park, the bucolic setting creates a more relaxed atmosphere for the attendees. And, I admit, I greatly enjoyed an environment with more relief than the very flat vistas of Central Florida.  However, the speakers are still taking the conference very seriously and do a very professional job of presenting. The theme of the conference was “Become the Library They Need: Understanding User Expectations”. Several sessions thus covered students and/or faculty perceptions,...

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Pecha Kucha tonight

Sep 3, 2010 by

Tonight, I’m doing my first Pecha Kucha presentation for Lakeland’s Platform Art organization. I hesitated between two topics but the library side won. My tour du monde en 6 minutes 40 secondes (♥ RBO) will try to demonstrate how libraries are absolutely still useful and relevant. It will be mostly about public libraries but I’ll slip in some of our area’s special and academic...

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Twitter and presentations

Feb 25, 2009 by

Very interesting post about the use of Twitter during presentations, by both attendees and presenter, over at Pistachio. Which brings a host of issues and interrogations: is it rude to look at a laptop instead of the presenter? why are the attendees twittering? Are they interested or bored? (enerving for the presenter) Should the presenter or moderator be on the lookout for the back-channel during the presentation? What would be the effects of that? And how to set it up? Is the back and forth enhancing or hindering the live presentation content? Conferences usually have a hash tag set up in advance, but should each session have one as well? Should the presenter determine it at the beginning? A few months ago, I gave a seminar using synchronous electronic classroom software (Elluminate). While I...

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Presentation pressure

Feb 5, 2009 by

Are we librarians too hard on ourselves when it comes to presenting?

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