New format for the job postings...

Oct 12, 2006 by

I’ve decided to try something new with the job opportunities posts. They will now feature the whole text of the job posting. The post title will also feature the zip code, if available, of the job so US readers could do a search on...

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Comments function

Nov 10, 2005 by

I apologize, dear readers, for the glitch in the commenting function. I will post when it is working for good.

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Welcome to the new EngLib

Nov 8, 2005 by

EngLib has adopted a new look and new features. Design-wise, you will notice the three columns and the different nameplates. Content-wise, readers of the blog will see that the job openings now appear in the right side column. Also, there are three different feeds: one for all entries, one for job openings only and now one for all entries but the job openings. links have been added and I am now using tags instead of categories. And last but not least, comments have been reopened! Hope you enjoy the new look! PS: Thanks to my husband for all his help with the technical...

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