Speaking at SLA

May 27, 2014 by

Speaking at SLA

I’m fortunate enough to be participating in two panels this year at the Annual Conference. The newly minted Fellows and Rising Stars are again this year putting up a Roundtable. I’ve paired up with Rising Star (and Europe Chapter President-Elect) Samuel Wiggins. In our portion of the panel, we’ll be especially focusing on information services as a profession without barriers/borders and its implications for SLA as an international organization. As we prepared, it was very interesting exchanging with Sam about the international nature of SLA and about workplace barriers for new and young professionals. It gave me new insights.

I’ve been also very honored to be asked to participate in a second panel at SLA. A speaker regretfully cannot make it to Vancouver and the session moderator, Geraldine Clement-Stoneham, asked me to step in. The session is entitled “Working across Cultures” and wants to bring light to inter-cultural awareness and cross cultural communication skills in the workplace. I’ve started reading on those concepts, about social learning and how I can relate my experiences as a French-speaking Canadian working in Europe and in the US (can you guess what question I get asked the most often in the US?) I’ve met Geraldine several years ago at SLA. Like me, she is a French native speaker living in an English-speaking country and the topic has come up once or twice in conversation 🙂 I thank her for thinking of me. One thing that is particularly cool about this session, it’s organized by the Europe Chapter, a first for them, I believe.

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