One year

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One year

The last year has been eventful for me professionally. After spending eight years in Florida, I moved to the upper Midwest to a new position as Director of Murphy Library at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, in the city of the same name. Here, I have the privilege of leading a very talented staff through various projects like a strategic plan, remodelings and the continuous conversion of the library into a 21st-century, user-focused organization.

I was also accepted in this year’s Leading Change Institute, organized annually by CLIR and EDUCAUSE. This is a great opportunity for leadership skills development and I can’t wait to attend this June.

In January, at the SLA Leadership Summit, I had the great honor of being awarded the title of Fellow of SLA. This award is given to no more than five members per year. By the description itself, it is “bestowed on active, mid-career SLA members in recognition of past, present and future service to the association and the profession.” One of the important words here is “future.”

I’ve been active on the boards of three Divisions and two Chapters. I’ve served on association-wide task forces and on the planning committee of a regional SLA conference. I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to present multiple times at SLA events.

This Spring, I’m presenting myself to the whole membership as a candidate for Director on the SLA Board of Directors. Why am I running at this time?

Because SLA is my professional home. Because, like many of my colleagues, I have a varied work experience in different kinds of environment and, even if I’m now an academic librarian, I find this variety much valuable and enriching. Because I very much like the fact that SLA is international; I’m a Canadian with a bit of experience working in Europe and now I’m located in the US. Through SLA, I can learn how librarianship is done outside the US . Because whatever I can give back to SLA can only be a fraction of what I received from it. Because SLA is experiencing tough times and hopefully I can help with my work and energy. Because I have a model in my head of what a successful librarian and SLA member should be: always learning, engaged, creative, tenacious and global and I’m striving to meet that model.

The SLA membership will be called to vote in September. It’s one of the main responsibilities a member has. I hope all my SLA colleagues will take the opportunity to vote this Fall.

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