ALA MidWinter white paper

Jan 5, 2011 by

Admission: I am an ALA member but have never attended the Annual Conference nor the Midwinter meetings.

The ALA offices have submitted a white paper on the future on the Midwinter Meeting. It’s interesting to see how this meeting has greatly developed over the years, reaching up to 13,000 in attendance in recent years. That’s a *lot* of people. The programming has evolved as well, going beyond simple association business matters. So, understandably, ALA now wants to reflect on this meeting. Could a lot of that activity be done virtually? Is it now too big? There’s a lot of money saving to made there for attendees but you do lose the networking aspects (personally, keeping myself engaged in my biggest challenge when attending an event online).

I’m far more active in SLA and have attended its mid-winter meeting for several years now. In comparison, it is a smaller meeting, its focus being primarily association business stuff and leadership training for its units’ leaders and future leaders.

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