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Mar 17, 2009 by

I have seen two examples recently of libraries reaching out to their users to gather their comments.

  • Concordia University Libraries, in Montréal, Qué is using a web form (?) to gather comments and publishes responses via a blog. Questions/comments and answers are coming at a good clip. The Libraries administration actually uses the comments to improve services (as evidenced by double-sided printed by default and a Working Group on Noise)
  • Western Washington University, in Bellingham, WA held a “14 Days to have your say” event this past spring. They open up a blog where students could just say what they wanted about the libraries for a two-week period. Students could also comment on other posts. The libraries provided input and comment after the period and offered a report on what’s been acted on and addressed.

I’m interested in these initiatives because it has proved difficult to get my users’ opinions (I’m not naive enough to believe they don’t have any comments to make about the library). We have a webform that has basically been unused. The Facebook discussion board is silent as well. Sometimes, students will comment to the evening student assistant but do not wish to put their comments in writing. Maybe turning the thing into an event could bring the comments out, short of organized surveys or focus groups.

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