The dirty little secret of self-censorship

Feb 13, 2009 by

Interesting article in the February School Library Journal on how school and children’s librarians self-censor themselves when it comes to buy potentially controversial titles for their collection.

Working in a public university, I don’t have such qualms although I sometimes do wonder if some titles will elicit a reaction (so far, none). I’m more concerned about the fit with our disciplines and research interests. I try to make sure I represent various point of views (still looking for solid titles on intelligent design though. Any suggestions?). I have the limitation of being careful not to duplicate titles found elswhere in my library system even though they could answer a need locally (it’s fair enough although sometimes it disappoint patrons – they don’t want to wait for the intralibrary loan to come in.)

But I do know that it may not be the case for private college and university libraries, especially the church-based.

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