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Jan 6, 2009 by

SLA’s Inside the Box Connections blog announced today that the 2008 SLA Board of Directors voted in December to approve the formation of the Academic Division of SLA.

The scope of the Division is to focus on topics of interest to academic librarians from all subject disciplines. This division is committed to improving the quality of teaching and research at academic institutions by promoting collaborative opportunities between information professionals and the larger academic community. While other divisions are concerned with specific subject areas, the Academic Division covers topics of a general nature relevant to all academic librarians from all subject disciplines.

Members can join now by renewing their membership online. To join SLA and the Academic Division, the membership form is here. 

The first Chair is Stacey Greenwell who spearheaded the efforts to create the Academic Division. Having had the pleasure of working with her in various SLA units, I’m certain the Division is off to a terrific start.

I think this is great news for SLA as it may bring in new members who may have the erroneous impression that the association members are only corporate or government librarians (on the contrary). While I greatly and truly value my exchanges with librarians in other environments, it will be nice to add some academic-centric programs and activities to my conference scheduling. I will be adding this Division to my membership.

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