75th anniversary of the Journal of Applied Physics

May 10, 2006 by

The Journal of Applied Physics is celebrating its 75th anniversary and its 100th volume. More than 94 000 articles have been published in its pages, from its creation in 1931 as Physics under the auspices of the American Physical Society, to the present times under the direction of the American Institute of Physics. To note, it is also the AIP’s 75th anniversary.

A selection of highly cited papers published in the last seven decades has been made available at http://jap.aip.org/jap/75th/sample_articles.jsp. Influential articles from AIP’s other peer-reviewed journals, and from Physics Today and other AIP magazines, have also been made freely available in conjunction with the AIP 75th anniversary celebration. With each article is a concise introduction to explain its contribution to the fields of physics and related sciences.

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