Test of APS failover site this week-end

Apr 7, 2006 by

The American Physical Association will test its failover site this week-end, starting on Friday at 3PM EDT until Monday 12 PM EDT. Access to the content will remain but the interface will look different. See Mark Doyle’s,
Assistant Director, Journal Information Systems, email for details.

This weekend the data center which hosts the main AIP Scitation servers will be offline due to maintenance on the power infrastructure. AIP plans to fail over Scitation to their back up site starting sometime on Friday April 7. In a test of the American Physical Society’s business continuity plan, the APS will be conducting a test of our failover system from about 3pm EDT Friday April 7th until about 12 PM EDT on Monday April 10. Users will be seamlessly redirected to our failover site for current content (2003-2006) rather than AIP’s Scitation site when accessing Physical Review journals, Physical Review Letters and Reviews of Modern Physics.

The APS failover platform is identical to the PROLA platform, but customized for each journal. While the features of PROLA and Scitation largely coincide, there will be some differences:
1) Scitation has links in the references to ISI’s Web of Science and PubMed. PROLA instead has links to the chemical Abstracting Service, the Astrophysical Database (ADS), and more links to SLAC’s SPIRES. Both sites have links to INSPEC, SPIN, and to other publishers via CrossRef. During the failover test, INSPEC and SPIN links will be turned off as if AIP’s site were actually down.
2) PROLA depends on Scitation for the article collection features (MyScitation personalization). This will be disabled during the test.
3) The default search engine during the test will be the PROLA search engine which includes all APS content (both backfile and current).
Searching of SPIN and other non-APS Scitation hosted journals will not be directly available.

During the test, full IP authentication will be in place.
Institutional subscribers should have uninterrupted access to the content. During the test, APS content will still be available in Scitation, but only via direct navigation on the Scitation failover web site. All inbound links through the APS link manager (DOI resolutions included) will be directed to the APS failover site.

The test is being conducted in accordance with our business continuity policy of maintaining 24/7 access to our journals. Should a situation arise where Scitation would be unavailable for a period of time, the current content would be turned on at our failover site along with PROLA. Our last test was a two hour test on April 8th, 2004.

Questions and other feedback may be sent to prola@aps.org. Thanks for your cooperation.

Mark Doyle
Assistant Director, Journal Information Systems The American Physical Society

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