ASEE-ELD award winners announced

Apr 7, 2006 by

The Engineering Libraries Division of ASEE announced its award winners earlier this week.

  • Readers of EngLib have seen this name here before. Roddy MacLeod (of EEVL fame) and Jim Corlett won the 2006 Best Reference Work Award for their work on the 4th edition of Information Sources in Engineering
  • the 2006 Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award goes to Linda R. Musser, Head of the Fletcher L. Byrom Earth and Mineral Sciences Library at the Pennsylvania State University.
  • The 2006 Best Publication Award goes to Gül E. Okudan-Kremer, Ph.D. and Bonnie A. Osif, Ed.D. for their article “Effect of Guided Research Experience on Product Design Performance,” Journal of Engineering Education 94, no. 2 (2005): 255-262.

Congrats to the winners!

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