ASEE-ELD Get Acquainted/SIG session

Feb 20, 2006 by

A must at any ASEE-Engineering Libraries Division annual conference is the Get Acquainted/Special Interest Group session. The 2006 moderator, Aleteia Greenwood, is seeking input into the subjects to be covered in the SIG part of the session. A form has been created to identify both the intended participants and the topics of high interest.

Potential topics include:

  • Collaborating with faculty on research or teaching
  • Open access/scholarly publishing
  • Co-hosting a journal (institutional department and library)
  • User surveys/evaluation/feedback
  • Digital repositories (what do we want to put in them?)
  • Digitizing resources such as government reports
  • Training Engineering Librarians
  • Power of consortia
  • Package deals for journals
  • Technology used by librarians: podcasting? Webcasting? Knowledge sharing tools/Impact of these kinds of technology?
  • How are librarians using RSS feeds?
  • Blogs (Success stories)
  • Google (Have we had enough yet? Google as a research tool. Are librarians using it? If so, what for? If so, why pay for anything else?)
  • Recruiting engineering librarians
  • Library as place, both physical and virtual (New potential for what the library can be/do? If so, what is it?
  • Growing importance of the library as a place for teaching/learning/research? Is this true?)
  • Industry expectations of the new engineer
  • Conducting a business analysis or information audit for your library
  • Information mapping and structural content
  • Federated searching
  • Helping users adapt to new content technologies
  • The impact of mass digitization projects on libraries, universities, government, information policy, publishing, and education
  • Issues in intellectual freedom, privacy, fair use

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