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The American Chemical Society created some controversy when an announced public discussion at the latest conference in Washington, DC had no room scheduled to discuss the conflict between the Society and PubChem.

The ACS has announced that the topic (including also other web services) will be addressed at the (including Pubchem but also other web services) in the “neutral” eCheminfo Autumn community of practice meetings in both Europe and the US. The full entry contains an email sent to CHMINF-L by Barry Hardy.

We will be covering and discussing this topic (including Pubchem but also other web services) in our “neutral” eCheminfo Autumn community of practice meetings. I have committed us to having two hours of discussion time (individual and panel) on web services issues at both at our US and European meetings. The focus of the discussions will be the use of web services and databases in drug discovery research, as conducted in both industry and in academic institutions, and increasingly in multi-organisational situations.

At Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia on October 11 we will have a presentation and discussion on Pubchem by Steve Bryant in addition to presentations on Zinc by John Irwin (UCSF), presentations by Marc Nicklaus(NIH) and David Covell (NCI), and from industry: Brad Feuston (Merck), Brett Tounge (Johnson & Johnson PRD), and Dmitrii Rassokhin (Johnson & Johnson PRD). The panel presentation will be formally one hour but I suspect may continue for much longer that evening over the campus bbq! (BTW, I did invite CAS to participate in this session earlier this year but they could not find a speaker who could make it. We would still welcome input and participation from ACS or CAS.)
At our European meeting session on November 10 we are also covering European services such as being delivered by EBI, the Swiss-MODEL server, Simon Coles on Open Archives & Repository initiatives underway in the UK, and a talk by Johnny Gasteiger on chemical structure representation. Again we expect to have a really good forum discussion with this group in Basel.

In addition to attending in person, it will be possible to access these presentations and discussions virtually through the eCheminfo website ( I will also prepare and blog summary reports from the meeting discussions on the Cheminfostream Blog (

best regards
Barry Hardy
eCheminfo Community of Practice Manager
Douglas Connect, Switzerland
+41 61 851 0170

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