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To round up sci-tech library publications news, Science & Technology Libraries has a new editor in David Stern of Yale University’s Kline Science Library, starting in 2006 with volume 27. He will replace Julie Hurd.

He anticipate the following sections in future issues and is welcoming submissions and contributions.

  • News of Note
    This will be a one-page column created at deadline providing the latest news in our areas.
  • Visions & Directions
    This will be a column written by rotating editorial board members on current topics. Each column will provide a position statement, and will be followed by continued discussion on our soon-to-be-released weblog or wiki.
  • Research papers, and/or case studies _with implications_.
  • Tools Watch
    This section will review books, articles, databases, and web entities. It will highlight significant new tools in relation to science and technology public services, collection development and management, and metadata concerns.
  • SCI-5 will continue to highlight trends and tools.

Special theme issues could cover such topics as:

  • Competencies: general overview, in-depth areas (e.g. colln dev, ref, instruc, fac liaison, etc), subject specialists (behaviors, best tools, strategies, knowledgebases, networks)
    • History of science (preservation of published, unpublished and raw data archives, maintaining local research knowledgebase contents, integration of historic documents into normal library resources)
    • Collaborations (consortia, beyond libraries – museums, vendors, IT, authors)
    • Changing user expectations: new and altered services and facilities in relation to changes ; and the resulting changes to job descriptions and the roles of library staff

    • Agents/vendors (outsourcing of traditional in-house tasks; the dangers and opportunities for journal subscription agents; free Google Scholar indexing and the future of commercial A&I services)
    • Metadata (GIS, normalization of indexes for cross-database searching, enhanced harvesting vs. federated searching — pros/con, MARC vs other standards)
    • Generalists vs. subject specialist librarians (how do the needs and requirements change given the new remote access, virtual assistance, and tech support issues).
    • Collection Development Concerns in the Digital World agents, pricing, new staff positions, new software

    It seems a blog or a wiki is in the works as well for the journal. Interesting.

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