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The Science and Technology Division and the Engineering Division are making a joint call for papers for the contributed papers sessions for the SLA annual conference in Baltimore in 2006.

The theme is “Open Access and Institutional Repositories in Sci-Tech and Engineering Libraries”. Send submissions to Roger Beckman before October 31. See the extended entry for all the details.


Science and Technology Division
Engineering Division

Special Libraries Association Annual Conference June 2006, Baltimore, MD, USA

The SLA Science & Technology Division and the Engineering Division invites submissions for its Contributed Papers Session at the Annual SLA Conference in Baltimore, Maryland June 11-14, 2006.

SESSION THEME: Open Access and Institutional Repositories in Sci- ech and Engineering Libraries

Open access to scientific research is often in the news and on listserv communications these days. The topics cover everything from a British plan to build the country’s most comprehensive online repository of medical knowledge to the NIH’s PubChem project. We invite papers to explore the many facets of the open access debate.

Some possible questions include:

– Will institutional repositories and technical databases in Sci-Tech and Engineering libraries have an impact on the serials crisis? What issues have you encountered in building such resources?

– Is open access beginning to influence your collection decisions, e.g., deciding to forgo a current subscription because waiting out the embargo period is tolerable to your users? What are the implications if libraries don’t buy or subscribe to journals and rely on access via open access archives?

– How aware is the scholarly community of open access issues? Are they ahead of the librarians on these issues? Are there unintended consequences of open access for smaller scientific organizations? Can your patrons differentiate between the various flavors of open access journals?

– Do tenured and untenured faculty respond differently to publishing in open access journals?

– What are you doing to publicize open access journals? How do you communicate to your patrons what open access is all about and the issues in the debate? Do you put some/many/all of the open access titles in your online catalog?

– Do corporate libraries market/advertise/link to open access journals any differently than academic libraries?

We are looking for papers that explore this theme from a theoretical as well as a practical aspect.

ELIGIBILITY: Any SLA member is welcome to submit an abstract for consideration. Preference will be given to members of the Science & Technology Division and the Engineering Division.

CRITERIA: Criteria for review will include relevance to the session theme and evidence of scholarship and methodology.


ABSTRACT: A 300-500 word abstract should accurately convey the subject of the paper, its scope, conclusions, and relevance to the program theme.

PAPERS: If chosen, acceptance of your paper reflects a commitment on your part to: 1) submit the complete text of your paper to the program convener by March 31, 2006.
2) give a presentation of your paper for no longer than 20 minutes at the SLA annual conference June 11-14, 2006 in Baltimore, Maryland.
3) where appropriate and feasible, offer a brief demonstration or representation of your project during your presentation.

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