IEEE Xplore offers new features

Jul 21, 2005 by

IEEE Xplore 2.1 is out, with new features:

  • The metadata of all current book titles from Wiley-IEEE Press and Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Press are now available to all users as an optional search criteria. Books located through this search may be purchased through a link to the John Wiley and Sons web site.
  • The display of bibliographic information has been enhanced on various pages throughout the site. The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and part numbers (identifies periodicals issues and conference proceedings volumes that have multiple parts) are now displayed on all tables of contents, search results, Abstracts, and AbstractPlus pages.
  • Individual IEEE Standards are now available for purchase and immediate download directly through IEEE Xplore.
  • A new, downloadable OPAC list of journal and conference details contains the start date, end date, ISBN and ISSN for all titles, and will be updated regularly.

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