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Jun 30, 2005 by

IEEE announced this week that they were planning to digitize all of their print content back from volume 1, number 1. The first step of this new project was the complete digitization of the society’s flagship journal, Proceedings of the IEEE. This new content is now available to IEL subscribers.

But now, posts on some s-t listserves (see the archives of STS-L and PAMnet) report that content is missing from the material already existing on IEL. Some of that missing content on IEL does appear though on other IEEE digital products like the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library. Some explanations came from posters who had contacted their sales rep on the subject: it would seem that, at least for awhile, IEL would only contain what INSPEC indexed. Some articles were also deemed “non-archival” because they were considered “advertisements”.

Since most libraries cannot afford both print and electronic subscriptions and therefore drop the print, it certainly can be upsetting to learn that you are not getting it all, after all.

Barbara H. Lange, Director, IEEE Publications Product Line Management and Business Development, sent a response on PAMnet. Here is an abstract:
IEEE began adding cover-to-cover content from some of its publications to IEEE Xplore in 2004. From our announcement in August 2003: “Currently, the content included in IEEE Xplore is that which is indexed by INSPEC. There are some elements (ads, letters to the editors, covers, etc) that are not indexed and do not appear in IEEE Xplore. IEEE has launched a major effort to index and post much of the content that is not currently indexed. Upon release of IEEE Xplore 1.6…, we will be rolling out the first phase of additional content. Phase 1 (indexed material) will be rolled out starting with 2004 published material.”

Since that time, the majority of our periodicals have moved to this model.

We continue to work to improve this coverage, and to develop systems to fill in the gaps in our pre-2004 titles.

Non-indexed items now available through IEEE Xplore include: patent abstracts, scanning the issue, staff/society listings, organizational charts, advertising, classifieds, bylaws, and announcements. The best way to locate this ephemera is to browse specific journal issues.”

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