Back from SLA

Jun 9, 2005 by

What have I learned at SLA:

- that I am a cheapstake and it hurt my blogging. Resolution: next year, get a room with (free :) ) Internet access

- that Canadian sci-tech librarians bloggers wear khakis. Check out pictures of our (John Dupuis, Randy Reichardt and myself) first encounter at the All-Sciences Divisions at the Steam Whistle Brewery. Christina Pikas was also there for added blogging power. Thanks to Christina for the picture.

- that The Globe and Mail (canadian newspaper) has published a cool article about the conference today. They did forget to mention the oddball academic librarian in the lot :)

- that the IT Division throws the best dance parties. Thanks to Stacey Greenwell for her majestic efforts.

- that “James Manasco is Fantastico“. James, my former colleague in Kentucky, is running for Chapter Cabinet Chair in the next SLA elections. I would recommend that you vote for him when the times comes. He was a great President for the Kentucky Chapter and the Sci-Tech Division a few years back and is shockfull of ideas and enthusiasm.

See the next entries for the more… professional stuff I learned at SLA.

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