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Jun 6, 2005 by

And what a day!

Of course, I’m already totally out of time, with sessions, business meetings, dinners, open houses and receptions. Leaves little time for blogging. Pretty much everyone has arrived by now, and there is quite a buzz going on. People are ready to work, network and have fun.

Today started well, I attend the Sci-Tech Business Meeting and Breakfast, where I was honored to receive my Sci-Tech Achievement Award from the Division.

After the breakfast, I stayed a bit at the Convention Center then proceeded to my room to get ready for my presentation in the panel “Blogging and RSSing the Librarian Way”. The session was made a little bit more challenging by the absence of Jenny Levine who was supposed to talk but had to cancel due to a family emergency.

I was in my room, getting ready in the bathroom. You know those classic nightmares when you are running late for an exam that you didn’t prepare for and you realize that you are naked? Well, how about this: the door knobs fell off and I was trapped, locked in my bathroom an hour before my presentation…

My roomate was not there and I had no idea when she would be back. My room is at the end of an hall, next to a chi-chi fou fou suite where there is nobody, so there is no use yelling or banging on the door. I got panicky a bit.

Then I got into McGyver mode. Trying different objects (no, the credit card trick did not work) I tried to open the latch. A toothbrush and a razor didn’t work. I finally sacrificied a very nice wooden coat hanger to get out… Of course, my roomate came into the room five minutes later…

So, the sight of a standing room only crowd at my panel a few minutes later did not faze me too much. I think we did very well; Marie Kaddell did an excellent portrait of blogging and RSS possibilities. We got questions and good comments. I think the IT Division will offer more sessions on blogging in the future.

And to Von, the Filipino Librarian, who asked how he could convince his reticent boss to start a blog in his organization: don’t call it a blog, call it a knowledge management system.

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