EEVL strikes again with EEVL Xtra

May 26, 2005 by

Hinted at some months ago on eldnet-l, EEVL just made their new aggregated search engine, EEVL Xtra, open for business.

EEVL Xtra searches some 45+ databases, key websites, industry news, technical reports and e-print archives, among others, in engineering, mathematics and computing. Some other sources will be added as well. A few glitches with arXiv and NASA should be worked out soon. The system gives out the abstract and a link to the original material.

In the (facetious) words of Roddy MacLeod, Senior Subject Librarian at EEVL,: We’re xcited by Xtra, but its still a bit xperimental. How it works is more or less self xplanatory. It xposes 20 databases and content from 50 publishers to the xtent that you don’t have to xhaust yourself with xtensive searches of xternal databases and sources. It xtracts the vital ingredients, and is xtremely easy to use.

The good people at EEVL are to be commended for the excellent work they do with little means, kudos to Roddy and his colleagues.

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