Big changes for the ELD mailing lists

May 11, 2005 by

The two ELD lists, ELD-L and ELDNET-L, are changing servers and therefore, ways of functioning.

Please see Mel DeSart’s full email in the full entry.

As sent on May 10th 2005 to both lists:

This change will happen sometime late this week. Three things to note, the second being VERY important.

1. Mailman has a Web interface for doing stuff like accessing the archives, temporarily suspending service while you’re out of town, changing how you receive content from message by message vs. digest form, etc. That’s very different from the e-mail based commands we’ve all been used to for doing that kind of stuff.

2. For you to access this Web interface, you will need three things: 1) the URL for the new list information page, 2) the e-mail address you’re subscribed to the list under, AND 3) the unique password that each of you will be sent once the lists are moved. BE SURE YOU KEEP THE E-MAIL THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE CONTAINING THAT URL AND PASSWORD, at least until you log into the Web interface for the first time, where you can then _change_ that password to something you’re likely to remember.

3. Please take a moment and check to make sure the e-mail address you’re subscribed to the list under is the _current_ form of your address. You can easily see what address you’re subscribed to either ELDNET-L or ELD-L under.
Just send an e-mail to The subject line should be left blank. The text of your message should be either review ELDNET-L or review ELD-L depending on which list’s subscribers you want to look at. Keep in mind that _some_ of you are subscribed to one list under one address and to the other under a different address. It would be a VERY good idea to make sure your subscriptions are under the current form of your address in all cases.
If you want an address changed prior to the lists being moved, please send me ( that info by the end of the day this Thursday, May 12th. Changing the address you’re subscribed under is a quick process (about a minute), so it’s no problem to clean some of these up prior to the list moves.

Any questions, please ask.



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