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Apr 18, 2005 by

Of course I had to be away at a state conference while the Intel’s $10 000 auction bid drama played out, but I can still refer to some interesting information that came out in the aftermath.

  • if the original auction from Intel for the 1965 Electronics Magazine with Moore’s article has disappeared, note that there are others auctions for the same article, some lasting for two more months
  • in this centenial year of Albert Einstein’s 1905 papers in Annalen der Physik, stashing those away, if not already done, would be a good idea
  • other articles “of interest” are the 1993 and 1995 Watson & Crick papers on Dexyribose Nucleic Acid

Incidently, my library does not hold Electronics Magazine so we were good. 1905 Annalen der Physik is secured in our Special Collections.

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