Good news for Englib

Apr 26, 2005 by

I was very pleased and very honored to learn last week that I was the winner of the Sci-Tech Achievement Award of SLA’s Sci-Tech Division, based on my work with Englib. My heartfelt thanks go to the Sci-Tech Division Awards Committee.

There are other sci-tech LIS blogs in the blogverse – John’s, Randy’s and Christina’s just to name a few – of such high quality that I feel humbled by the honor. I encourage you to read them too if you don’t already do so, we all complement each other well.

I will take this award as a proof that there are librarian leaders and librarianship associations who believe blogs are as valid and useful as the more traditional modes of publishing.

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1 Comment

  1. Kudos for Catherine!

    :: A round of applause for fellow Canadian scitech library blogger Catherine Lavall