Call for Papers: CINF Division – ACS Washington

Apr 3, 2005 by

As I noted a few days ago, there are now more calls for papers for the CINF Division programs for the next ACS conference in Washington.

  • Homeland Security and its Impact on the Flow of Scientific Information
    The events of Sept. 11, 2001 have had wide ranging effects on all aspects of public life, including scientific information, both in the need for scientific information to address homeland security concerns, and the effect of homeland security concerns on the free flow of scientists, students, and information.
    In this session we invite speakers to discuss the various facets of the intersection of homeland security and scientific information, including the information needs of agencies involved with security; the tools being used or created to meet those needs; the effects of heightened security on access to information or on the movement of researchers and students; and related issues.
  • Planning for the Future: Chemistry Libraries in 2015
    Possible topics: What will our library spaces look like in 2015? How have libraries as space changed over time? What changes are you planning in the next few years? Are you merging library units or closing branches? Are you migrating from print to online because of limited library space? Are you planning to build a new science library? Do you plan to have information commons for chemistry? Is your library totally virtual? Anything else??

Use the online system to submit; deadline is April 28th.

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