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Jan 7, 2005 by

Conference registration for the ASEE Annual Conference in Portland, OR, is now open. Early registration rates are available until February 23, 2005 and you can save an additional 35$ on that fee if you register online.

See the extended entry for more details from the ELDNET-L newsgroup on hotels and transportation.

Mel DeSart and Amy Van Epps communicated additional details about the conference:

ASEE will NOT be running shuttle buses from the conference hotels to the convention center (CC) this year. They are going to have members rely on MAX, Portland’s light rail system, to get from hotels to the CC. There are 11 conference hotels, seven on the same side of the river as the convention center and four on the downtown side (see for what’s where). Of the seven on the CC side of the river, five are within a few short blocks of the CC, one is about 15 of those short blocks away, and the seventh one is a pretty long haul east of all the rest (assuming ASEE’s map is right, which it hasn’t been a couple times in the past). While the four hotels downtown look like they’re quite a distance from the CC, all are easily accessible by MAX (see for a MAX map), and all fall within the MAX “fareless square”, so that it won’t cost you anything (but a little time) to shuttle between any of the four downtown hotels and the CC.

Trade-offs: according to someone who lives in the Portland area, there’s more to do on the downtown side, but there’s transportation from the hotels to the CC (on MAX, by foot, or whatever) to consider. There’s apparently less to do on the CC side, but most of the hotels are an easy walk to the CC. Finally, if you’re one of the few folks (like me) who will be _driving_ to this year’s conference, the cheapest you can park at any of the downtown hotels is $22/day, while some of the ones on the CC side have complimentary parking.

(from Ms. Van Epps)
As a quick follow-up to Mel’s message about conferene hotels. According
to the Official Visitors Guide to Portland, ASEE does indeed have one of the hotels marked in the wrong location.

The visitors guide has the Holiday Inn labelled at the corner of NE Wiedler and NE Second streets, so only about 8 blocks from the convention center.

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