Science and Engineering Library Information Specialist – University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Nov 10, 2004 by

University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, CA is looking for a Science and Engineering Library Information Specialist.

Sara Tompson, who announced the job on SLA-ENG, had this to share about the position:
I am happy to report we have gotten the approval to hire an additional
professional for our Science and Engineering Team in the USC library
system! It is not permanent, but there is a distinct possibility we can
make it a faculty position eventually, and naturally I am lobbying for that. (…)

Two notes:
* Applicants do need to apply online – the link is in the announcement
* The requisition on the linked page has some “incorrect” language at the end of the summary – this is data from the job classification on which this Information Specialist position is listed, and cannot be changed. However the truth is this position would be part of our subject team, and not a computer support person.

Thank you, and please feel free to share with interested colleagues.

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