NASA Earth Science Education Roadmap Community Meeting

Sep 21, 2004 by

The NASA will hold a NASA Earth Science Education Roadmap Community Meeting in Monterey, CA at the beginning of November.

This open community meeting will engage the broad Earth system science education community in developing a 10-year plan to:
- guide the NASA Earth system science education program and
- ensure that future generations of Earth explorers have the knowledge and
ability (including skills using tools and other resources) required to understand and protect our home planet and contribute to NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration.

The roadmap development will be based on community priorities, challenges, and best practices. Planning begins with the NASA Earth science education plan (June 2004), “Inspire the Next Generation of Earth Explorers, which presents a strategic consideration for extending the Agency’s accomplishments in Earth system research and applications in support of national priorities for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

Registration cost is 100$ but 70$ with the early bird by September 27th.

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