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Aug 25, 2004 by

IEEE Xplore will have browser requirements starting in January 2005 to support an upgrade to the online delivery system:
The new requirements are based on IEEE Xplore usage statistics, which indicate the most highly used browsers, and compatibility with required elements of the IEEE Xplore upgrade. Compatible browsers in 2005 will include Internet Explorer 5.X or higher (Windows and Unix, 5.2.3 for Macs), Netscape 7.X or higher (Windows and Unix, 7.1 for Macs), Opera 7.23 (Windows), or Mozilla Firebird (Windows). A minimum 56.6 KBPS modem is also recommended.

The 2005 IEEE subscription price list for journals and online collections has been updated.

There will be a IEEE User Group meeting at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON on October 1st 2004. This will be the first User Group meeting held in Canada.
IEEE customers in the area are invited to spend a full day with IEEE staff to hear about new features and developments. For more info, contact Ruth Wolfish.

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