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Aug 10, 2004 by

Abstracts submission is now open with the CAPS system until October 6th. Non-members wishing to submit must use CAPS as well.

The moderators and themes for the different sessions are as following:

  • Open Access Journals, Open Source Culture
    The impact of open access journal and open source software on the scholarly exchange of information.
    Moderator: Craig Beard

  • ELD Poster Session
    Mention in your abstract if your submission is intended as a poster session.
    Moderator: Ibironke Lawal

  • Vendor Partnerships for Engineering Libraries
    This includes partnerships between vendors and academic institutions, patrons, other user groups.
    Moderator: Jay Bhatt

  • The Creators’ Dilemma: The Struggle to Liberate Innovations and the Internet from the Law – Lawrence Lessig will speak for the entire hour (trying for distinguished speaker time slot)
    Moderator: Bruce Neville

  • Mentoring/Supervising/Managing
    This includes supervisory issues with professionals, staff, students, colleagues, etc.
    Moderator: Alice Trussel

  • International Engineering Librarianship
    We have the tentative possibility of inviting Chinese librarians to speak. Another paper or two on international librarianship would be welcome.
    Moderator: Larry Thompson

  • Re-energizing the Mid-Career Professional
    Many of us have been in the same job for over a decade. How do we avoid burnout or being put out to pasture? How do we recharge ourselves?
    Co-moderators: Lisa Dunn, (possibly another co-moderator)

  • ELD Technical Papers Session – (probably include here Michael Powell from
    Papers that don’t fit into the other sessions go here.
    Moderator: Anne Graham

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