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Jul 26, 2004 by

The Science & Technology Division of SLA is now ready to accept submissions for its Contributed Papers Session at the next Annual SLA Conference in Toronto in June 2005. The theme is: Cooperating to Survive and Flourish in the Modern Sci-Tech Library.

Cooperation is one way for librarians to cope with changes in scholarly communication, publication costs exceeding allocations, the need to provide better service to our users with fewer staff, and the reality of the workplace power structure. Many of these changes are global issues or challenges. While the electronic world has broken down some barriers, currency and licensing differences still remain.

What are corporate and academic libraries doing? Are librarians lobbying to get publishers to redefine the definition of a “site” when licensing resources in the electronic world. How do you react and protest when a publisher suddenly changes to a radically-new pricing scheme in the middle of a budget cycle? Are any corporate libraries joining with academic intuitions to form a consortial group to lower costs for all the partners? Are academic libraries contracting to
provide services or staff to corporate libraries? Are informational professionals cooperating more with the CEO to transform corporate sci-tech libraries? Are we partnering with our international colleagues in innovative ways?

We are looking for papers that explore this theme from a theoretical as well as a practical aspect.

A 300-500 word abstract should accurately convey the subject of the paper, its scope, conclusions, and relevance to the program theme.

If chosen, acceptance of your paper reflects a commitment on your part to: 1) submit the complete text of your paper to the program convener by March 31, 2005.
2) give a presentation of your paper for no longer than 20 minutes at the SLA annual conference, June 4-9, 2005 in Toronto, Canada.
3) where appropriate and feasible, offer a brief demonstration or representation of your project during your presentation.

Submit abstracts to Roger Beckman. Deadline is October 29, 2004. Preference will be given to Sci-Tech Division members.

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