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I am a bit late with this as it already started but here goes the same…

The Chemistry Division of SLA is holding throughout July its first Web Conference. This conference will feature the Poster Session presenters from the June SLA Annual Conference in Nashville. Registration is required but free.

Here is more info:
There will be three to four presenters per week, with ample opportunity for you to read and see the presentations online, as well as discuss any questions or comments you may have with the actual presenters, who will be moderating the discussions for their respective presentations.

The format for the discussion portion will be through an asynchronous bulletin board, so you may participate throughout the week at times convenient to you. Each set of discussions will be closed, however, at week’s end, at which time a new set of topics will be presented.

The schedule is:

July 5 – 11:
1) Jennifer Lee Baldwin, Margaret Dominy. “Science Information Literacy for the Undergraduate: Update.”
2) Jennifer Lee, Don MacMillan. “Blended Learning in Chemistry: Using the Web to Improve In-Class Instructions.”
3) Bill Armstrong. “The Creation and Implementation of an Information Retrieval Course for the Sciences at LSU using Blackboard.”

July 12 – 18:
1) SuHui Ho, Jeff Williams. “Usability Study of a Web-Based Instruction Module.”
2) Susan K. Cardinal, Kenneth J. Harper. “Helping Students Succeed at Identifying Organic Compounds: Optimizing Location and Content of a Guide to the Literature.”
3) Kathy M. Jackson, Eva Maddox. “Evolution of a Chemical Literature Web Tutorial at Texas A&M.”

July 19 – 25:
1) Eleanor M. Smith, May M. Chang. “Use of a Content Management System and Reusable Learning Objects to Develop an Integrated Suite of Instructional Materials for Scientific Information Literacy.”
2) Carol E. Vreeland, May M. Chang. “Creating a Web-Based Science Tutorial: an Opportunity for Inter-Institutional Collaboration.”
3) Linda Shackle. “Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Down the Video Stream.”

July 26 – Aug. 1:
1) Smadar Izhaky, Beth Weil. “Using Streaming Video for Library Tutorials.”
2) Daureen Nesdill. “Making Organic Chemistry Relevant.”
3) Cory Craig. “Library Instruction on the Web: Tips, Strategies and How to Get Started.”
4) Kathy Whitley. “Information Literacy Teamed with Science Literacy.”

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