Enhancements to Beilstein in STN

Jul 13, 2004 by

Beilstein on STN has new features:

  • Patent Numbers (PN) can now be SELECTed and TRANSFERed

    Patent Numbers (PN) were previously only searchable, but now they can also be SELECTed and/or TRANSFERed for searching in other STN files.

  • BABS Accession Numbers can be searched, SELECTed and TRANSFERed

    The BEILSTEIN Abstracts Database (BABS) contains bibliographic data, titles and abstracts for all references in BEILSTEIN from 1980 to date. BABS Accession (Abstract) Numbers are now searchable and SELECTable in BEILSTEIN, greatly improving crossfile searching between the two files.

  • All references to a compound can be displayed in a single format

    Three new display formats, ALLREF, ALLP and BABSAN, can be used to display all unique references, all unique patent references or all unique BABS Accession Numbers (BABSAN) respectively for a BEILSTEIN substance record. The new display formats combine references from property data fields and BEILSTEIN reaction documents into a single deduplicated list.

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