Beilstein CrossFire Commander 7 out

Jul 20, 2004 by

Version 7 of Beilstein CrossFire Commander is now out. As it had been announced, there will be no Mac version.

New features include:

  • One Window Technology
    All actions in Commander are in one Window, instead of 2 Windows as it was with all Commander Versions before.

  • MDL Look&Feel
    MDL CrossFire Commander 7.0 has the same look & feel as any other MDL Software

  • Grouping and Sorting
    Results can be organized by sorting or grouping. This is especially helpful since the results from a search in Beilstein get bigger while we add more and more content.

  • Alerts
    An automatic search retrieves all new data about a research topic from a database update

  • Reaction Classification Codes
    All Reaction Databases of MDL are equiped with InfoChem’s Reaction Classification Codes, enabling a user to find similar reactions in other databases with this identifier. Commander 7.0 provides an easy way to use the ClassCodes to hop from a reaction in Beilstein to the Synthetic Methodology or IMRW in DiscoveryGate.

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