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Themes have been prepared for the ASEE-ELD Conference in Portland next June.

  • Mentoring/Supervising/Managing
    This includes supervisory issues with professionals, staff, students, colleagues, etc.

  • Re-energizing the Mid-Career Professional
    Many of us have been in the same job for over a decade. How do we avoid burnout or being put out to pasture? How do we recharge ourselves?

  • Vendor Partnerships
    This includes partnerships between vendors and academic institutions, patrons, and other user groups.

  • International Engineering Librarianship
    We have a tentative possibility of Chinese librarians speaking at a session. If this works out, another paper or two on international librarianship would be welcomed to fill out the session.

  • Open Access Journals, Open Source Culture
    The impact of open access journal and open source culture on the scholarly exchange of information.

  • ELD Technical Papers Session – Papers that don’t fit into the other sessions go here.
  • ELD Poster Sessions – Mention in your abstract if your submission is intended as a poster session.

Other topics of interest (in case the above topics doesn’t receive enough papers)

  • Geographic Information Systems and Libraries
  • Nurturing the Information Seeking Skills from the Ground Up: K-12 Initiatives in Engineering Education
  • Information Support for Engineering Design Courses

    Abstract submission will start August 2nd in CAPS and will end October 6th. Last date for the draft paper is January 5th and last date for final paper submission is March 2nd. There is a FAQ for submitting abstracts.

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