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Apr 9, 2004 by

Several positions are now open for the ASEE-ELD committees, the last two being brand new:

  • Awards Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Publications Chair
  • Literature Guide Chair (under the direction of the Publications Chair)
  • Secretary / Treasurer
  • Director
  • Reference 24 x 7 Task Force Chair
  • Info Lit SIG Coordinator

The Secretary / Treasurer and Director positions will be filled by an election held electronically in June. All other positions are filled by appointment by the Division Chair, in consultation with the ELD Extended Executive Committee. For information or letting know you are interested, contact Larry Thompson. Indicate how long you have been a member of ELD, whether you are currently on the committee for which you’d like to be chair, and any other information which you think would be helpful to the Extended Executive Committee as they make their decisions. Deadline for response is April 30th.

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