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Three symposia on scholarly publishing are being organized by the Chemical Information Division for the ACS August meeting, from the 22nd to the 26th, in Philadelphia, PA. Interested parties are now invited to submit an abstract for their participation.

1) Scholarly Publishing: Initiatives and Electronic Publishing
Electronic publishing and increasing journal prices have brought new set of issues and initiatives to scientific scholarly communications. We are looking for presentations on some broader themes in this discussion: current publication initiatives, institutional repositories, usage measurements, cost analysis, document delivery and other subscription alternatives, outreach and user education of the issues, and copyright and other legal issues related to digital publications (Organizers: Leah Solla, Cornell University and Erja Kajosalo, MIT)

2) Scholarly Publishing: Challenges for Peer Review in the Digital World
The rapid migration to internet-based publishing may be straining the traditional model of peer review. The rate of publication is increasing, more data are being submitted to support the increasing number of publications, and pressure is placed on reviewers to do more with a greater emphasis on rapid turnaround. Preprint servers and other publishing models make manuscripts available without review, and ethical questions regarding plagiarism and fraud have made exposed some of the limitations of peer review. The session will examine the current state of peer review and suggestions for improving the process. (Organizer: David Martinsen, American Chemical Society)

3) Scholarly Publishing: Perspectives on Open Access
The Open Access model is alternately seen as the best solution to the economic problems in scholarly publishing or the quickest way to ruin a well established and working publishing model. This session will explore Open Access from the perspective of scholarly societies and traditional commercial publishers, open access publishers, academic and corporate libraries, and legislators. (Organizers: Andrea Twiss-Brooks, University of Chicago and Bill Town, Kilmorie Consulting)

The deadline for abstract submission is April 28. To submit, use the OASYS online system, then select “CINF”. The three symposia are the last three items on the list.

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