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Apr 22, 2004 by

The ELD Liaisons Program has an opening for an organizational liaison to the Scientific & Technical Information (STI) special interest group of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) for a 2-year term, starting immediately.

The Duties:
The most important job of the liaison is to communicate between ELD and this interest group of ASIS&T to keep BOTH groups informed about the projects, goals and activities of the other, and to look for opportunities for collaboration between the two groups. Liaisons are expected to communicate in a number of ways, as appropriate to each group (speaking up at business meetings, talking to appropriate committee chairs, writing listserv emails, etc). In addition, the liaison writes an ELD newsletter article summarizing the highlights of the ASIS&T annual meeting, focusing on information of interest to ELD. This article is also posted on the web.

The Requirements:
To be considered you must be a member of both ELD and this interest group of ASIS&T. You need to be able to commit to attending at least the annual meeting of BOTH organizations every year for the two years of your term. The next annual meeting of ASIS&T is November 13-18, 2004 in Providence Rhode Island. You need to be able to fulfill the duties as outlined above.

To be considered, send an email to Christy Hightower before May 7th.

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