Organic Reactions moves to Wiley

Mar 22, 2004 by

Wiley will introduce Organic Reactions, vol 57 as its new database at the ACS meeting in Anaheim.

Organic Reactions presents chemistry from a preparative point of view, with a focus on reaction limitations, interfering influences, the effects of chemical structure, and the selection of experimental conditions. The database includes detailed procedures that illustrate the significant modifications of the chemical reaction, and tables that include all the pertinent examples of the reaction. Each reaction is presented with information about the reaction conditions, products and yields where available, and is fully referenced to the primary literature.
New data will be added to Organic Reactions on a continuous basis. Cross-Ref will enable linking to primary literature references regardless of the publisher’s identity, and internal links to Wiley’s other databases, such as Organic Syntheses, will be added in future enhancements, so the paths between databases will be facilitated seamlessly.

Organic Reactions is being published since 1942. It will officially lauch on Wiley InterScience in mid-April.

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