Webmaster needed for ASEE-ELD

Jan 12, 2004 by

A volunteer is needed to take on the duties of webmaster for the division. Send your candidature to Larry Thompson along with the following information:

1. What experience do you have creating web pages? Please send URLs of pages you have created.

2. What HTML editor do you use? What experience, if any, do you have with Dreamweaver, Java, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, relational databases (Cold Fusion), and web or graphic design? Knowledge of all these technologies is not required.

3. Can you host the site on your institution’s server? The site is currently 24.1 MB; 399 files; 47 folders. Current files will be sent to you on CD. Also, there will need to be some room for expansion, because each year there is the possibility that some of the ELD conference presentations will be sent to you to host on your server.

4. Are you able to make updates in a timely manner?

All current ELD members can apply.

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