IEEE demos – it may not be too late

Jul 16, 2003 by

On July 18th and 29th, IEEE Customer Relations Managers will host two
60-minute Internet conference sessions covering upcoming enhancements to IEEE online collections, followed by a “tips and tricks” tour of the IEEE Xplore online delivery platform. These sessions will last about an hour. A Q&A session will also be included. You don’t have to be a subscriber to attend.

To register, RSVP for one of the two sessions by contacting the IEEE representatives below. Once confirmed, you will receive the 1-800 number and the URL required to attend. Please be sure to include your name, institution, phone number, email and mailing address so we can send you a freebie.

Session times:
July 18 at 10am EST; 9am CEN; 8am MTN; 7am PST
RSVP to Ruth Wolfish,

July 29 at 5pm EST; 4 pm CEN; 3 pm MTN; 2 pm PST
RSVP to Rachel Berrington,

We had the pleasure here today to have Ruth give us a little demo of Xplore on a visit with our regional representative. It confirmed to us that IEL is a good product and we’ll do our best to afford it for 2004.

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