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Jul 25, 2003 by

ELD has three committee chair vacancies. Two are for existing committees, and one is for a newly formed committee:
- Accreditation Chair
- Archivist Chair
- ELD Development Committee (new committee)

This “new Committee will consist of liaisons to the various corporate sponsors. Some of the liaisons have already been identified because of their previous work with the sponsors. The Chair will be appointed for a renewable two year term, will coordinate the work of the liaisons, will make sure that all corporate sponsors have been contacted, and will consult with the Program Chair to identify sponsorship opportunities at the conference. In addition it will be the Chair’s responsibility to investigate and coordinate any new funding opportunities that might arise. ”

If you’re interested in any of these positions, contact Larry Thompson.

Also, Andy Shimp is looking for 1 or 2 volunteers to join the Program Committee for next year Conference in Salt Lake City. Qualifications for membership are:
1) Active membership in ASEE / ELD.
2) Attendance at one or both of the past conferences in Montreal or Nashville.

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