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Welcome to our new abode. Please let me know what you think.

Chemical Abstracts is holding a free e-seminar on current awareness in patent litterature on July 17. See here to register.

New access mode for the Kirk-Othmer from Dialog: instead of an annual subscription, an one-time fee will make you own the data. You would then buy new editions as needed. This is good for the online version. You could also buy the CD-rom for less.

What is IEEE planning for 2003? At SLA, they announced new products, Xplore enhancements and pre-1998 legacy content. [IEEE News]

Another school, another publication. The School of Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham publishes their newsletter at [ASEE Action newsletter]

The online version of the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics is available for free, for at least 2002. You can subscribe at . [thanks to our faculty member letting us know]

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