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Do you remember the Public Library of Science‘s call for a boycott last April? To this day, over 30 000 scientists had signed an open letter to ask the scientific publishers to make their content freely accessible online once it hits 6 months of age. If not, after September 2001, the signers would have stopped publishing, subscribing or acting as editor for any publisher not meeting their requests. Since the scientific publishers are still going strong and prosper, it is to believe that the boycott didn’t work too well. But, the Library leaders are now trying something new: publishing their own journals.

Does your library or engineering or physical sciences departments have a publication? I’m starting to look around to see what is out there from the big-names and normal-size-names universities. For today, Cornell University. The College of Engineering publishes a magazine three times a year, Cornell Engineering Magazine. There is also the Cornell News Service that can be filtered by subject (in this case, physical science, maths and engineering).

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