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Go try an IOP search! IOP is experimenting with clustering software – Vivismo – for results lists. Any list with more than 25 results can be clustered into topics. You can then have access to the full text of the articles found. In the window you have open or, in a new window! (Yes, I have a thing with new browser windows) How are the topics determined? “The Vivisimo algorithm puts documents together (clusters them) based on textual similarity. This raw similarity is augmented with heuristics, i.e. human knowledge (coded by Vivismo’s programmers and partly invented by them) of what users wish to see when they examine clustered documents. Vivisimo does not use a pre-defined taxonomy or controlled vocabulary, so the name of each cluster is generated from the search results within it.” (from MERLOT Project is announcing a call for presentations for their Second Annual International Conference in September in Atlanta (the MERLOT Project links to online learning materials of higher learning levels. You can browse the listings but, unfortunately, there is no search function). Deadline is May 31.

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